Welcome to our Edwise Realtors

Edwise Realtors Private Limited is a consumer-centric Full Service Real Estate Firm utilizing cutting edge, proprietary technology and business processes which generate significant cost savings that are passed on to the consumer, i.e. the home buyer or seller. Edwise was founded on the realization that the real estate industry is about to undergo a paradigm shift. The two key driving factors of this paradigm shift are the shift from an urban-centric towards a semi urban-centric industry; as well as the shift from a primary seller towards a secondary seller industry.

Edwise Realtors Private Limited was born out of the need to establish it as a direct marketing and affiliate program based Real Estate and Infrastructure Development Corporate. The Edwise Group is one of the fastest growing and most successful real estare development companies.


What is second home?

A second home is defined as a one-unit property that’s located within a reasonable distance from your primary residence.It can be a home that you occupy for some portion of the year or by someone you allow to occupy it. However,to be a second home,it must not be rented or be part of a timeshare arrangement.

Our company Edwise Realtors Pvt Ltd. is renowned for providing heavenly locations for additional houses popularly known as second home,where people can energize themselves by following melody of fresh and unpolluted breeze, by observing the surrounding beauty of lush green woodland spread across hundreds of acres which soothes eyes completely, and chirping of birds in fusion with spriritual sound of flowing breeze eng\lighten ears; they can inhale the freshness and virginity of the land, can taste the exclusivity of being a connoisseur.